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How to make extra money in 2019

How to make extra money in 2019

Boost your wallet size by downloading the Savezees app!


Are you always looking to make extra money? How about some fun money to spend during the weekend? It's true - People are always looking to make some extra cash! Unfortunately, you need a car (Uber), a product (Ebay), a house (AirBnB), or a skill set (Fiverr) to make any extra money. Well, we have a solution... Savezees!

Savezees is a free mobile app enabling you to sell your spot in line or in any crowd. You set the price, the time & number of spots available. Quickly get realtime money deposited right to your bank account by selling one of your public spots. In-app messaging makes it easy to communicate with the buyer or seller leaving both parties feeling satisfied. Try it today - Savezees is free!

How can Savezees App make you extra money?

Savezees allows you the ability to buy or sell your physical SPOT from anywhere at anytime. Think about where you are standing or seated at the moment. Your spot or personal real estate has a certain value, depending on the number of people interested. The more popular an area is around you, the more valuable your personal spot becomes.

Where to use the Savezees App? You can use the app to make money anywhere. For example, you're waiting in line at the DMV and realized this is taking longer than expected. You have somewhere else to be and you've been waiting for almost 3 hours - Angry emoji face! You already spent time in line and time is money, so whip out that Savezees App and post your spot for sale. Quick, Simple and Easy!

All the places to use the Savezees App:

- Theme parks

- Concerts

- Stadiums

- Product Releases

- Restaurants / Bars

- Clubs

- Expos / Fairs


Make Extra Money with the New Savezees App 2019

Savezees App Features:

- Live Spot Recording
- Camera Face Filter
- User Friendly Navigation
- Location Accuracy
- Intergrated Voice Call
- In-App Texting
- Social Sharing
- Cash Out Feature
- Direct Deposit
- Personalized Profile

Download the free Savezees app and start selling your spot in your city today! Make extra money or save some time at any location.



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